Monitoring fuel level of each and every vessel is not an easy job! To monitor and manage the entire system, organizations are investing huge manpower which is not at a cost-effective for the. RENAMZ provides cutting-edge solution for monitoring fuel management of the vessels very efficiently without human interference. The dashboard displays complete information of the fleets including GEO-location.
How it works

RENAMZ Fuel Monitoring System (RMS) features a new hardware configuration to accurately calculate your actual fuel consumption levels using a combination of fuel pressure and temperature sensors located on the engine.

This innovative approach to computing fuel consumption as a function of fuel pressure and temperature enables the engine manufacturer to avoid the use of expensive fuel consumption measurement systems based on fuel mass flow meters.

Our fuel monitoring systems also allow to:

Include other channels from auxiliary equipment to the system for monitoring.
Integrate with CCTV systems so that movements can be monitored.
Store historical data/reports
Deliver remotely access of vessel information via PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
Remotely troubleshoot system performance
Provide customized reports according to end user requirements